20 Back to School Movies That Will Give You All the Nostalgic Feels

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1. The Breakfast Club

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All hail John Hughes, the king of movies centered on teen angst. His hit films in the '80s made the teen movies of today possible. The Breakfast Club brings together all the “brat pack” actors and actresses of the day, including Hughes muse, Molly Ringwald and tests the boundaries of archetypes in high school. While a group of five teens serving detention on a Saturday morning they learn there's more to each other than their supposed personas. The jock is no bumbling idiot and the burnout is struggling at home. The movie blasts apart the idea that everyone in high school needs to be segregated into their own separate cliques — why can't we all just get along? While that may never happen, Hughes gave us some classic scenes and dialogue with this insightful teen comedy.