16 of the Greatest Movies About People Making Movies

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There are so many movies about so many different things. Comedies, dramas, period pieces — the number of genres in film today are endless. There are even plenty of movies about what it's like to make a movie. What's more meta than that?! The inside look at what it takes to make the movies we love — whether realistically or satirically — is always fascinating. Some films take a look at the making of real, beloved films. Others take the fictional route and make us wish the movies being made were actually watchable IRL!

The ups and downs of making movies are well-known. From news articles about issues on the biggest movies to insider leaks about on-set strife, there is no shortage of info about the movie industry. But getting an inside look at how to the drama, and successes, go down? There's nothing better. And that's where these great movies about making movies come in. Here are some of the greatest of all time for when you want an inside glimpse at the inner workings of the movie biz!