16 Things That Happen On-Screen That Never Actually Happen in Real Life

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If you really think about it, almost everything that we see on screen feels like a played out fairy tale. I mean, walking away from a huge explosion completely unscathed? Magically healing from an injury in minutes? Walking into a coffee shop and getting to sit in the exact same spot with your group of friends every single time? Yeah right. These common TV scenarios might feel like the norm in the entertainment world, but they're actually unrealistic because they're not at all what we experience in real life.

For example, in one of my favorite romance movies, 27 Dresses, there's a scene where Jane and Kevin order meals at the diner but don't even touch their plates. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I honestly can't remember the last time I paid for food at a restaurant and then left without eating a single bite. It's just a waste of money and perfectly good food!

Even though we know that these situations are illogical, we still tend to accept them as normal because, well, they fit so perfectly with the fairy tale plot. While it would definitely be refreshing to see producers incorporate all the minor annoyances and inconveniences we experience every day, it would actually disrupt the flow of their perfect story. So in a sense, these things are kind of like our escape from the real world, where people actually have sloppy first kisses and wake up in the morning with troll doll hair.