32 On-Screen Couples Who Didn’t Get Along In Real Life

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There are on-screen couples who have chemistry that is so hot that you can practically feel the heat coming off the screen. Just thinking about some of them can cause us to start perspiring. They're the sort of couples who you know are going to end up together IRL because having all of that chemistry and not having it go anywhere just wouldn't make sense.

Of course, what we sometimes forget to realize is that these are actors and actresses we're talking about. Sometimes super-hot chemistry on screen can be nothing more than very good acting. Off-screen the situation might be very different. In fact, there are couples who have had amazing on-screen chemistry but hated each other off-screen. Then there are the ones who couldn't even fake it for the money because they disliked each other that much. Have a look at the on-screen couples who legit didn't like each other IRL.