12 Movie Trailers That Were Better Than The Actual Movie

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Forget for a moment that we're currently knee-deep in one of the buzziest Oscar seasons that I can recall in recent memory and try to remember bad movies for a second. You know, those things that never win an award and are actually pretty garbagey? I'll give you a second to try to recall.

Well anyway, sometimes movies aren't great, and that sucks. But usually you can tell pretty far in advance, because it's indicated in the trailer. Sommmmmetimes, though, you can't tell at all and you get blindsided by a really crappy movie as soon as your ass hits the chair, and that's because of film trailers.

Once in a blue moon, someone really nails a movie trailer, to the point that it ends up being better than the actual movie. And since we don't want you to get tricksied into seeing these movies just because it seems awesome in the three minute preview, we made a list of all the trailers that were better than the full-length movies themselves.

Consider yourselves warned.

1. Where The Wild Things Are

This one got me and it got me hard. The swelling music, the nostalgic storybook characters from my childhood? If the trailer was hitting me so hard that it teared me up every time, what was the movie gonna do to me? Answer: not a whole lot, it was pretty crappy.

2. The Book Thief

I figured this was gonna be a tear-jerker as well, but it's hard to take a movie seriously when God is the irreverent narrator, and he's making jokey comments about the Holocaust. Better luck next time, Geoffrey Rush.

3. The Great Gatsby

The champagne! The Jay Z songs! The swift cuts between lush, colorful, Baz Luhrman party scenes! …turns out it's tough to sustain that when it's over two hours long and stars Leonardo DiCaprio as the one-dimensional man in a three-dimensional world. A stick figure for the ages. Stick with the abridged version — they got pretty much the entire plot out in all the various trailers anyway.

4. Brave

This wasn't even a bad movie per se, it just seemed a lot more lady empowerment-esque from the trailer, and it got me really excited for it.

5. The Counselor

Something about the trailer didn't suggest to me that this would be THE WORST MOVIE I'D EVER SEEN. Even if it did have Cameron Diaz in it.

6. The Place Beyond The Pines

Hate to break it to you guys, but this was not a movie centered around Ryan Gosling being charming and delightful in every way. He's in one third of the movie and three thirds of the trailer, so which do you think I prefer?

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