Allow This 2015 Movie Trailer Mashup To Catch You Up On The Year In Film

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Allow This 2015 Movie Trailer Mashup to Catch You Up on the Year in Film Avengers Age of Ultron jpg

Merry mashup season, everybody! December is the time of year when videos recapping the year in pop culture are thrown at us from every angle, and I for one couldn’t be happier. We’ve already listened to DJ Earworm’s annual pop music mashup (this time with twice as many songs), and now it’s time to move on to movies. Editor The Sleepy Skunk has released their 2015 movie trailer mashup, and it’s just as epic and amazing as years past. If you’re feeling behind on this year’s cinematic offerings, or if you’d rather watch six-minute mega-trailer instead of all the individual ones, this is just what you need.

I know I probably sound like a broken record to longtime Crushable readers, but I can’t write up a movie trailer mashup without taking a moment to gush about my love of movie trailers and their ability to make even the suckiest movies look good (or the best movies look sucky, in some cases). So watching one big monster trailer covering the entire year, with all the musical cues and emotional beats you’d expect from a shorter trailer, is very exciting for me. It’s like a holiday feast, but with trailers. What could be better than that?

What always ends up happening whenever I watch these end-of-the-year mashups is that every new shot has me saying to myself, “Did that come out this year? Really? It did? Oh yeah, it did. Wow, I forgot about that. Wait, what was it called again?” To be honest, this time I said that mostly about The Lazarus Effect. Remember that? Yeah, me neither. But this mashup makes it look a lot cooler than it probably was. If you’re having that problem with other movies, just head on over to this handy list of the movies that were included in the video.