This Movie Theater Marriage Proposal Sounds Like The Most Annoying Thing Ever

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Channing Tatum eye roll 22 Jump Street

Here's a PSA for everyone out there who's trying to figure out a creative way to propose to their significant other. Please don't interrupt the showing of a movie to do it. If you need a little context for what that kind of proposal is like, look no further than this story about a guy proposing to his girlfriend during a showing of 22 Jump Street. Just try to tell me this doesn't sound incredibly annoying.

Pittsburgh resident Tom Moore recently proposed to his girlfriend Amanda Rogers at a showing of said movie, and the story of how he did it sounds unnecessarily complicated. Alas, the things we do for love! I'll try to sum it up as briefly as possible. Tom apparently met a local news anchor named Susan Koeppen when she brought her car into the repair shop he works at, and he mentioned his proposal idea to her, because… I guess that's relevant to car repair now. He thought he wouldn't be able to pull it off, but Susan told him, “I'll get you into a theater, just give me a day.” Because apparently she's a wizard.

Thanks to Susan, a local theater agreed to let Tom do it, and after a month of planning, here's how it finally happened, according to KDKA, the CBS station where Susan works:

As he brings her to the theater and they munch on popcorn and drink some wine, his family and her family sneak into the back. The movie, “22 Jump Street,” is rolling. Amanda doesn’t have a clue.

All of a sudden, the movie stops and sweet romantic music fills the theater. Pictures of Amanda and Tom fill the screen. Cue the tears. Amanda is shocked. Bring up the lights, and Tom gets down on one knee.

The perfect proposal. She says yes. Applause from the moviegoers… a mix of family, friends and strangers.

Ugh. Nope, sorry. I'm not moved by this. To be fair, I'm usually not moved by any marriage proposal, especially big, public, “creative” ones. But this one sounds especially irritating. If I were in that theater watching that movie (which I wouldn't because I have zero interest in 22 Jump Street, but that's irrelevant), I wouldn't appreciate it being stopped so I can look at photographs of a couple I don't even know and then watch the guy pop the question. I WAS TRYING TO WATCH THE MOVIE I PAID FOR! If this were a private screening for just people who knew them, then propose away. But really? You have to be the center of attention during a public movie screening with people you don't even know?

Before you ask, yes my heart is made of stone. I wear it proudly.

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