10 Movie Sequels You Didn’t Know Existed, According To Reddit

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American Psycho 2 Mila Kunis


Movie sequels are pretty common these days. In fact, the sequels are usually just built into the first installment, now that everything is a franchise or a trilogy an adaptation of a young adult book series. In fact, it's pretty hard to find a movie that doesn't have a sequel in one form or another. Sometimes those sequels exist and you don't even know it. And sometimes that's probably a good thing.

Yesterday a question was posed on Reddit: “What are some lesser known sequels to famous movies we may not be aware of?” The Redditors came out in full force with their picks, and we decided to round up some of the most interesting, surprising and/or WTF responses. Of course, most of these are so obscure because they don't come close to the original in quality. And obviously that means you should watch them as much as possible. What's better than a bad movie?

1. American Psycho 2

Okay, confession time. I have, in fact, seen this movie. I have not, in fact, seen the original American Psycho. My friend heard it existed in college and we watched it together. But really, how can you go wrong when it stars Mila Kunis as a murderous college student and William Shatner as her professor?

2. Shock Treatment

This is the 1981 sequel to Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that Rocky Horror was not the result of some fever dream I had, so I was not aware of a follow-up. It also features Brad and Janet, this time played by different actors.

3. Return to Oz

That's right, everyone's beloved Wizard of Oz got a sequel in 1985. It features Dorothy going back to a destroyed Oz. According to Reddit, it was creepy and caused nightmares. Therefore I need to see it immediately.

4. 2010

Did you watch 2001: A Space Odyssey in film class and feel impressed/confused? Then it might excite you to know that there's a sequel from 1984. This one was unfortunately not directed by Stanley Kubrick, but it does star a younger Helen Mirren!

5. Cruel Intentions 2

Currently hanging my head in shame, because I've seen this one too. Yes, another college movie night. We were the cool kids. Once you watch this you will never look at Amy Adams the same way again.

6. Mean Girls 2

I believe ABC Family has shown this a few times, and each time I see the words Mean Girls and immediately change the channel, as every millennial is obligated to do. But then I realize what it is and get as far away from it as possible. So not fetch.

7. More American Graffiti

Yes, this is a 1979 follow-up to George Lucas' iconic movie about teen life in the 1950s. And it has just about the least original title you could give a sequel, besides just putting the number 2 at the end. It wasn't directed by Lucas, but it stars some of the same cast.

8. The Evening Star

Have you ever used up a box of tissues sobbing over Terms of Endearment? Were you aware it has a follow-up from 1996 in which Shirley MacLaine falls in love with Bill Paxton? Ugh, Bill Paxton is on my “Avoid this movie, because this guy is in it” list, so that probably explains why I didn't know about it.

9. It Runs in the Family, aka My Summer Story

Have you seen A Christmas Story? If the answer to that is no, I don't how you've avoided it, since there's 24-hour marathon each year. But nevertheless, this is the 1994 sequel, again following the misadventures of Ralphie (here played by Kieran Culkin). And oh look, it's Mary Steenburgen. She's cool.

10. S. Darko

Donnie Darko‘s the kind of weird movie you imagine would have to stand on its own, but it still managed to get a direct-to-DVD sequel in 2009. It's all about Donnie's younger sister, and it co-stars Ed Westwick. Oh Chuck Bass, how far you've fallen.