What The Photoshop Is Happening On This John Stamos Movie Poster?

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My Man is a Loser poster John Stamos photoshop

Everyone gather 'round and let's take a good hard look at this movie poster for the undoubtedly masterful John Stamos movie My Man Is A Loser. As Uproxx points out, the only thing better than that stupid title is the fact that the poster has been Photoshopped into oblivion (and hilarity).

In addition to the fact that John Stamos and Tika Sumpter look more like a hyperrealist painting and an animatronic at an amusement park, respectively, it's probably more important to note what's been done to Brian Callen and Michael Rapaport in the background. Those bodies cannot possibly belong to those heads, right? They're the complete wrong size, first of all, and they've also been placed significantly lower on their necks than is normal on most humans.

They bear a striking resemblance to my first Barbie doll, actually. Her head popped off one day, so I pushed it back on, but it went down too far, and for the rest of her days her head just rested on her shoulders. That must have happened to whoever put this poster together, except instead of looking at their Barbie with pity and guilt, they thought it looked very fetching and decided to recreate it on a movie poster.

And is that an added thigh gap I see on Tika Sumpter? There simply should not be that much light shining through her legs at that angle. It's getting to the point where they'll just start erasing the legs in photos entirely, and we'll get so used to it that every time we look down and see that we possess lower limbs, we'll scream in terror.

The movie's out in theaters and on demand July 25th. I can sense you marking your calendar right this second. And who could blame you, when there's an amazing poster like this one to advertise the project?

(Photo: Lionsgate via Uproxx)