11 Of The Weirdest Original Titles For Well-Known Movies

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We all make mistakes, guys. Harry Styles dated Taylor Swift, god forgot to make humans with prehensile tails, and I overslept this morning. Sure, they're all to different magnitudes…but they're also all mistakes. Because everybody's human. Except for animals. And god. (This post is going really well so far.)

But sometimes mistakes get fixed before they're totally made! Before a show gets named something like Trophy Wife and undercuts its own chances at success in the world. Attention must be paid! And sometimes, on rare occasions, it is! Or it seems like it, at least, based on the original names that we found for some well known movies. These are names that were being thrown around early in the process to talk about the project, before people came to their senses and were like, “we want people to see this movie, no? So maybe we don't name it that.”

By and large I think they're all improvements on the original suggestions, but you'll have to decide for yourselves. Here we go!

1. Live Free or Die Hard

Old NameDie Hard 4.0
I get that sequels are hard to name, but I love it when movies do more than just tack numbers on the end of future versions of itself.

2. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Old NameHarold and Kumar Get The Munchies
These names actually amount to the same thing, but without ‘White Castle' in the original title, I probably still wouldn't know what that was.

3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Old NameHarry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

4. Fever Pitch

Old NameThe Perfect Catch
This would have been a great title if Drew Barrymore was secretly a trout disguised as a woman. Otherwise Fever Pitch is better.

5. Hancock

Old NameTonight, He Comes
Well now I'm just terrified of Will Smith. I'm gonna sleep with one eye open tonight.

6. Hitch

Old NameThe Last First Kiss
Didn't this actually become the name of another movie? I have an image in my head of someone lingering by a mailbox. It looks like Sandra Bullock? I think I'm inventing this.

7. American Pie

Old NameTeenage Sex Comedy That Can Be Made For Under $10 Million That Your Reader Will Love But The Executive Will Hate, then East Great Falls High
Well that, my friend, is a mouthful. And also just the kind of innuendo that they might have enjoyed in that movie.

8. Pretty Woman

Old Name3000
Starring Julia Roberts as a Spartan leader with a slightly larger army than Gerard Butler had in 300.

9. While You Were Sleeping

Old NameComa Guy
Let's pull it together, movie executives.

10. The Invention of Lying

Old NameThis Side of the Truth
Reasonable, but I like the one they settled on better.

11. The Avengers

Old NameAvengers Assemble
This one is just amusing to me. I love instructions right in a movie title. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!