17 Male Movie Love Interests That Are Actually the Worst

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Who here has ever wished that they could meet more guys like the ones they see in movies? Or better yet, who here has fallen so hard for a fictional love interest that they totally forgot the character wasn't real (… *raises hand high*)? Let's face it, when it comes to on screen romances, the guy always comes across as this drool-worthy stud who steps into a girl's life and automatically saves the day. But you know what we just realized? A lot of these men actually suck.

The very same characters who can easily make us weak in the knees tend to have the worst habits and personalities, but the fascinating part is that they get away with a ton of stuff because they're just so darn “cute.” It might be acceptable on screen, but that's just not how real life relationships work. Because if you're a selfish, condescending and manipulative guy, then that still makes you a jerk, regardless of how amazing you might look shirtless. See which male love interests are seriously overrated.

1. Edward Cullen in Twilight

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It was clear from the beginning that Edward had a weird obsession with Bella. He was super controlling and he had anger issues, but of course, it came off as romantic because he was being “protective” of his precious Bella… Also, let's not forget the fact that he proudly admitted to how excited he gets about stalking her and watching her sleep.