17 Movie Girl Squads We’d Totally Want to Be In

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What happens when more than one actress takes to the big screen in the same film? Pure magic. In fact, most of the best movie relationships have absolutely nothing to do with romance, but instead everything to do with platonic love between BFFs.

With their crazy adventures, late-night chats about relatable problems, and their impromptu dance battles, the friendships in some of our favorite movies are the epitome of #SquadGoals. From the Flossy Posse in Girls Trip to The Bellas in Pitch Perfect, here are 17 fictional girl squads that we'd jump through a screen to hang out with in a heartbeat.

1. The BSC in The Baby-Sitters Club


These seven girls were living proof that friends who work together, stay together. The movie owed a lot of its success to the classic book series by Ann M. Martin. Both were based on the fictional adventures of pre-teen girls who launch their own babysitting business. And seeing the BSC's beloved friendships play out on the big screen was a memorable part of every '90s girl’s childhood.