Meet Alexander Rhodes, The Movie Extra Who Became Famous Thanks To Reddit

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Alexander Rhodes Reddit Suspicious Onlooker Jack Reacher IMDb Tom Cruise funny Internet famous

In our current society where even the most seemingly mundane people are reality stars, it's the most meta joke when regular folks can get away with convincing strangers that they're celebrities. I mean, all a person has to do these days is look ridiculously attractive while running a marathon, and he becomes an internet meme. It's amazing what people will value and what will make you famous. But unlike the tales of Brett Cohen or Thomas Elliot, who pranked people into believing they were celebrities, the guy I'm gonna tell you about didn't intend to become internet famous.

Alexander Rhodes is an average guy who's recently gotten some work as crew or an extra on movies like The Dark Knight Rises and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. But it was when he recently posted a snapshot from the set of Jack Reacher that he got his big break. I believe it was the photo at top, where he plays Suspicious Onlooker in this thriller better known for its actual star, Tom Cruise.

But then Reddit started upvoting his photo… and he quickly learned that IMDb ranks the actors in each movie by profile traffic. With the Reddit upvotes — likely combined with the fact that Cruise has been out of the news lately — suddenly Alexander Rhodes was the top-ranked actor in Jack Reacher:

Alexander Rhodes Reddit Suspicious Onlooker Jack Reacher IMDb Tom Cruise funny Internet famous

And would you believe it, but Cruise's official Twitter congratulated Alexander!

Alexander Rhodes Reddit Suspicious Onlooker Jack Reacher IMDb Tom Cruise funny Internet famous

To his credit, Alexander hasn't let his fame go to his head, even though he now has his very own subreddit. He's thanked Redditors many times over for this unexpected honor, saying that he's been wanting to make it as an actor since he was a kid. Though he'd been getting bored of extra roles because of the lack of character development, he still relished the opportunity to be on a set and observe. And of course, that was what made him famous! When this first broke three days ago, he posted this heartfelt message:

I'm still slightly freaking out have no idea how to react to this reaching #1 on the frontpage of Reddit.

You guys are hilarious. Hate you and love you at the same time and don't know what I'll do next week if the profile updates to the top 10 list or something.. probably will hide in my bathroom for a couple days and then laugh for the rest of the week. If something (like auditions for legitimate roles) comes from this, I promise to not be an asshole, try not to embarrass Reddit in the media, stay grounded, and to remember exactly how it happened. And although it is hardly a worthy repayment for such an awesome act of hivemind kindness, I promise to post AMAs all the time (if you want them – and not those BS AMAs but ones where you actually answer all the questions) and do giveaways / interaction / video posts / whatever it takes to keep Reddit in the loop and shed light on a rather unknown side of human experience. If you have any ideas or requests please PM them 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH AND SCREW YOU GUYS

Now all we can do is sit back and see if some savvy casting agent snatches up Alexander based on his internet following alone. Follow Alexander on Facebook and Twitter, and say that you knew him when!

Photos: Alexander Rhodes' Facebook page, Reddit