18 Memorable Movie Couples That Were Actually Realistic

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Let's face it — romcoms are seriously addicting. They might be cheesy, over-the-top and predictable, but at the end of the day, they still leave us all swooning like fangirls. But here's the problem: All the romantic cliches of movie couples: the handsome Prince Charmings and the promise of a happily ever after only cause our expectations to skyrocket — and that can be problematic. We tend to lose sight of the fact that these depictions of relationships are far from realistic. But thankfully, we've been fortunate enough to see quite a few movie couples that reflect the awkwardness and imperfections of real-life romances. Because rarely do we ever see how factors like long distance, mental illness, and cultural differences can affect a relationship.

From Dean and Cindy in Blue Valentine to Juno and Paulie from Juno, see some of the most memorable movie couples that are actually realistic.

1. Amy and Aaron from Trainwreck

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Amy (an independent party girl who writes for a men's magazine) and Aaron (a sports doctor who seems to have it all together) quickly fall for each other after they meet over an interview. But during their budding romance, Amy struggles with the fact that she’s not used to being in a serious relationship or depending on someone else. She also has to deal with her aging dad (who suffers from multiple sclerosis) and her jealousy towards her sister for having the picture perfect family.

What's so unique about this film is that it depicts how most independent women feel when they find themselves in a new relationship. They compromise themselves in a sense. Because the deeper they get into that romance, the more they start to depend on their significant other for support which can be scary if it is unfamiliar. Amy Schumer did such an amazing job of showing how challenging that experience can be, because it's never easy when you feel like you have to choose between true love and your independence.