Video: ‘Moves Like Batman’ Is A Fun, Geeky Tribute To ‘Moves Like Jagger’

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Maroon 5‘s “Moves Like Jagger” is an ode to the weird rooster dance that Mick Jagger is known for. Similarly, “Moves Like Batman” is a tribute to the gravelly, badass hero Batman… but also (I think) a nod to Maroon 5 and their infectious jingle. It's not like the song is Rolling Stones, but it's catchy, which means any parody set to it would benefit from that.

Case in point: At first I thought this wasn't that funny. Performers Chad Nikolaus and Angie Griffin sing a bit off-key, and their costumes are Halloween-grade stuff, not resembling the Christopher Nolan Batman movies that have become our new canon. But that cheesiness actually helps them, because if you put aside the minor flaws, you see that they had a hell of a lot of fun making this video.

Chad's moves as Batman are hilarious, partly because it's the Caped Crusader dancing outside a Target but also because he's a genuinely good dancer. But the greatest geek touch is the throwback to the “nanananana Batman!” song in the chorus. Plus, all the people who join in dancing! Really fun.