The 9 Most Intimidatingly Talented Women in Hollywood

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I'll be the first to admit that I love talking Hollywood gossip and the latest entertainment headlines, but the truth is, some celebs are crazy talented and deserve attention solely for their acting chops. While many could make this list, my contender for number one is Cate Blanchett. She's taken home two Academy Awards, gotten nominated for five and perfected the art of the acceptance speech.

In honor of the fashionable Blue Jasmine star turning 45 today (yes, I wrote that correctly), we're shouting out the top 9 women in Hollywood whose talent reigns supreme.

1. Meryl Streep

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I ‘doubt' there would be any argument over her presence on this list. The August: Osage County star has the most Oscar noms for an actor ever (18) and she shows no signs of hanging up her Prada sunglasses anytime soon.

2. Sandra Bullock

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She made us laugh in The Heat, yet also made us cry (or at least I did) in The Blind Side. Bullock's projects are diverse and she's also super honest, which makes her amazing. Also, I would love to be friends with her just like Melissa McCarthy, so hopefully putting her on this list gets me one step closer.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

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I know people have mixed feelings about J.Law, and even she admits she might be played out, but you can't argue that she's awesome on the big screen. She's simultaneously shot The Hunger Games franchise as well as Oscar-nominated films for the last 3 years — so at least give her credit for being a hard worker.

4. Tina Fey

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If you haven't watched 30 Rock, you need to lock yourself in your bedroom right now and get to work. The former Saturday Night Live anchor wrote, produced, and starred in the hit show (talk about over achiever) and also wrote the mega-hit Mean Girls. And now, instead of taking a break, she's working on fourteen gazillion other shows and will also be returning to host The Golden Globes again with BFF Amy Poehler. So fetch, right?

5. Beyonce

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Do I even need to explain why Queen B is on this list? Listen to Crazy in Love, Bootylicious, and Halo, and then come talk to me if you feel like taking Mrs. Carter off this list.

6. Oprah

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Um, she's Oprah. Three things: talk show, network, billionaire. If that's not intimidating, I am at a complete loss.

7.  Angelina Jolie

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I've seen many a journalist get tongue-tied around the Maleficent star because she's just so fierce. In addition to having the scariest cheekbones ever, she's a dedicated humanitarian who isn't afraid to bring difficult topics to mainstream attention. Most importantly, let's not forget she made showing leg in photos a thing.

8. Ellen DeGeneres

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Ellen made the leap from stand up comedian to talk show host, and she's dominated the daytime landscape since the Ellen show started in 2003. In addition to hosting the Oscars multiple times and giving away arguably the most coveted underwear, she's got a friendship with Justin Timberlake that makes me really jealous.

9. Taylor Swift

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I am the first to admit that her continuous ‘Love Stories' annoy me to the ends of the earth, but it's hard to deny her power in Hollywood. She continues to write both country and pop hits, and she accomplished it all as a teenager. If I try to imagine myself as '13' again, I could see myself waiting in line with the rest of her fans and trying to get her to come to my future bridal shower.

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