19 of the Most Rewatchable Movies of All Time

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There are two types of good movies. There are the award-winning films that are quite good, but you don't really want to watch them again. They may be too draining emotionally or too dense for repeat viewings. And then there are those amazing films that you can watch over and over and over again. The ones you never stop quoting and even muddle through commercials for every time they're on cable. These infinitely rewatchable movies pop up in every genre and film type. They all have one thing in common: they're awesome.

While there are always movies you will never get tired of, there aren't very many that everyone won't get tired of. So those ones deemed universally rewatchable are quite special. Some movies just downright refuse to get old and we're better for them. Whether it's jokes that stay just as fresh and funny as the first viewing or a plot that unravels itself with each watch, you can catch us watching these movies any time. Here are some of the most rewatchable films of all time!