Guy Plays The Most Overplayed Songs Of 2013 In One Minute, Doesn’t Apologize For Getting Them Stuck In Your Head

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Chad Neidt sings 20 songs from 2013

The only thing more thrilling than having one pop song stuck in your head is having twenty. Which is why I'm so very excited to share Chad Neidt's latest mash-up with you. He picked the 20 catchiest songs from this year and sang them in under a minute. And before you start worrying that he doesn't sing enough of each song for you to be able to get it stuck in your head, he does. Because keep in mind, these are the HIT songs of 2013. And hit is a neat little euphemism for overplayed. So all you need to hear is Selena Gomez's “come and get it,” before you're singing na na na to yourself. Over and over again. If there are any other words in this song, I wouldn't know.

While I'm already overwhelmed by the 2013 year end content that's currently sweeping the internet, I'm also going to go on the record and say this video's one of the few that's worth watching. Because within one minute, you get the opportunity to remember all the songs you used to love. And then loved to hate. And finally, after hearing for the gazillionith and one time, just hated. (It's similar of the transformation of a close friend to a frenemy to a straight-up enemy.)

So until someone puts together a mash-up of the 2013 songs that you could've hypothetically heard in 2013 video, check this one out. Then prepare to be singing your own mash-ups of Lorde and Daft Punk and Imagine Dragons and of course, Miley Cyrus