5 Men Who Know How To Be Irresistible

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Looking back on the myriad of people I've been attracted to over the years — both real life and celebrities (yes, I'm saying that celebrities aren't real people) — convinces me that even though I have a general “type,” you just can't just point to physical attributes when trying to explain why you like who you like. If I'm trying to find one encompassing characteristic for these guys (plus Mila Kunis and Miranda Kerr), as cliche as it may sound, I have to boil it down to confidence. Not arrogance, but confidence. There's nothing more irresistible than a person who is confident enough to not really care if you like them or not. Am I right or am I right?

No matter how physically attractive they are, this eclectic group of dudes proves that everyone can be irresistible in their own way. From ages 19 to 51, skinny to buff, chiseled to goofy looking, comedic to dramatic actors, these guys are irresistible for one reason: they just do them.

Josh Hutcherson: Josh is obviously a cutie, but not the kind of attractive that makes you think he could've gotten famous just based on his looks. He's attractive, but not in an intimidating in-your-face kind of way. He was adorable in his childhood days of Little Manhattan and Bridge to Terabithia, and has now been thrust into the spotlight thanks to good old lovable Peeta. Though he's accomplished an incredible amount at 19, Josh continues to come off as a sweet Midwestern boy who just happens to enjoy acting. And that, my friends, makes him irresistible.

Ryan Gosling: So maybe he's a little bit of a ladies man. Can you really blame Sandra Bullock, Rachel McAdams, Kat Dennings, Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde or Eva Mendes? The man is clearly irresistible. But I would make the case that if you just saw a not-famous Ryan Gosling walking down the street, he'd just be a regular dude. I mean come on, have you seen Remember the Titans? He's still that skinny goofy kid that danced to “Ain't No Mountain High” in the locker room. And this kid. Gosling just has swag, that's all there is to it. Especially given that he's basically Batman, as he recently saved a woman from oncoming traffic in New York AND broke up a street fight last summer.

Jason Segel: Maybe I've fused Marshall and Jason into one person — so sue me. That fusion is just a big teddy bear that you want to marry. Sure he isn't as suave as Ryan Gosling, but that's the thing: it doesn't matter. Because he's just being Jason Segel. I mean, just look at him playing daddy to Michelle Williams' little girl. Come on. I've never seen an interview of his that didn't make me like him more. Just add him to list of evidence that you don't need to look like a movie star to be one, an irresistible one at that.

George Clooney: To me, George Clooney is the sexiest man alive and the hypothetical love of my life. The 31 year age difference doesn't bother me, our love is that deep. He just smiles at me and I'm all, “What 51? I'm 35. Yeah, totally 35.” Recently, the eternal bachelor put together the sexiest double date in the history of Western civilization by inviting Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan to his house in Italy with girlfriend Stacey Keibler. The thing is, even though I do think George is smokin', he would be nothing without his personality. Every single interview he's just so friendly, funny, inviting, charming, and casually unaware that women are drooling over him. So, so irresistible.

Michael Cera: And finally,  there's little George Michael. (Cue Charlie Brown music.) But in real life, Michael Cera just seems that geeky kid in school that everyone loved because he was actually pretty cool and said funny shit. He just makes me smile —  this is an old interview, but I just love it so much. Michael seems to completely embrace his nerdom, and it's hilarious and straight-up lovable. And — wait for it — irresistible.

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