The Top 16 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings Ever

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Weddings, in general, are always an exciting event – celebrity wedding or not. Whether you're in the wedding party or just invited as a guest, getting hitched is probably more fun for friends and family than it is for the actual couple. Both big and small weddings have their pros and cons, but shows like Say Yes To The Dress and Four Weddings show that there are certain perks to extravagance, and dropping huge dollar signs on one day can sometimes seem like a necessity.
Celebrity weddings, even the secret ones, tend to be obscenely priced and usually way more extra than us common folks could even imagine. But that's exactly why we love to talk about them! Since the majority of us will never have the means to doll out this amount of cash on a single party, we can live vicariously through the stories of these stars' nuptials.