17 of the Most Awkward Wedding Scenes From Movies

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Weddings are by far one of the most romantic and life-changing experiences we can ever have. It's the reason why toddlers dress their dolls up as brides and grooms. It's why they grow up daydreaming about meeting “The One,” and having the perfect ceremony. And it's why they're so hell-bent on making sure that their special day is not ruined. A wedding day is a major turning point in life, and so when that day finally comes, there's usually a ton of pressure to make it perfect. No lie, the struggle is real.

We can't say that we've experienced this for ourselves, but we've seen enough rom-coms to know that having the perfect wedding experience with no mishaps or awkward moments is nearly impossible. Someone's bound to show up super late or have a wardrobe malfunction. But these fictional weddings took things to a whole new level with embarrassing moments that would make anyone cringe.