Morgan Freeman Reads The ‘What The Fox Says’ Lyrics Aloud, Modestly Accepts Award For ‘Winning The Internet’

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Morgan Freeman Reads The  What The Fox Says  Lyrics Aloud  Modestly Accepts Award For  Winning The Internet  Morgan Freeman Sexy gif

Despite being the most ridiculous song to ever be sung,What the Fox Says” never gets old to me. I can ring a ding ding ding ding all the live long day. That’s why I’m slightly obsessed with this interview that Screen Junkies did with the cast of Last Vegas. Rather than talk about the movie (which is the Old Dogs/Bucket List mash-up that no one asked for), Hal Rudnick just handed the actors the lyrics to pop songs.

First up is Morgan Freeman, who’s asked to read the lyrics to “What the Fox Says” aloud. While this should go without saying, it was amazing. Just straight up amazing. After him Robert DeNiro reads “Wrecking Ball,” Michael Douglas reads “Chinese Food,” and then Kevin Kline wraps it up by reading “Best Song Ever.” Despite the fact that this video stars a bunch of old guys, it’s pretty funny. Kinda Like watching your Dad be an idiot, but without all the second hand embarrassment that goes along with that. 

Also, confession time, there’s a small part of me that truly believes Morgan Freeman is God. Like, I know he’s not. But what if he is? And what if there’s a deeper meaning to “What the Fox Says” that’s revealed in this very video?  I know, there’s probably not. But weirder things happen on the internet every single day. Check Yahoo Answers if you don’t believe me! So honestly,  it’s really not that unbelievable that God’s starring a in a viral video.

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