Morgan Freeman Takes A Cookie And Runs In Your New Favorite Oscars Moment

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Morgan Freeman Takes a Cookie and Runs in Your New Favorite Oscars Moment Morgan Freeman Oscars 2016 jpg

I think I just discovered the greatest moment of last night’s Oscars. Sure, Leonardo DiCaprio winning was pretty big, but it’s nothing compared to Morgan Freeman grabbing a Girl Scout cookie (or two) out of host Chris Rock’s hand and bolting. “Take the cookie and run” is really the only motto any of us need in life, don’t you agree?

It all happened at the very end of the ceremony. Morgan announced Spotlight as the winner for Best Picture. Those involved with the film crowded the stage for their acceptance speech. When they were done, Chris Rock came out with a box of Girl Scout cookies. In case you missed it, during the show he pulled an Ellen and had the attendees buy boxes of cookies for his daughters’ Girl Scout troop.

While Chris was talking into the microphone wrapping up the show, Morgan, who was still on stage after the winner announcement, crept up behind Chris and stole a couple of cookies from the plastic. He didn’t even let Michael Keaton get in there first. Morgan then took a bite, but instead of sticking around to celebrate with the winners, he promptly strode off stage. Thankfully the moment was captured for posterity.

This might be the most relatable thing that has ever happened at the Oscars in living memory. That is exactly how I acted at every social gathering in college. Oh, there’s going to be free pizza after the frisbee club info meeting? Cool, I’ll just sit through that spiel, take my reward, and get the hell out of there before anyone tries to talk to me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the promise of cookies was the Academy’s way of getting Morgan to present in the first place. It might be most of the reason he even does movies anymore. “Millions of dollars? Meh, that’s cool. Will there be free food, though? Okay, I’m there.” #Same

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