Morgan Freeman is going to start a family with his step-granddaughter NO MORGAN NO

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morgan-freemanSweet Buttered Moses on a Ritz cracker. Okay, so a few months ago, I told you that Morgan Freeman was getting a little freaky-deaky with his step-granddaughter, and I'm sure that after you stopped puking and shaking, you resurfaced to say “Buhhhh? Morgan?”. I know I did. I think we were all hoping that it was one of those weird little stories that gets passed around that's totally not true, like Tom Cruise being gay, or Jennifer Aniston making little Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie voodoo dolls. TOTALLY NOT TRUE, OKAY?

Unfortunately, seems as if the initial nastiness is actually true, because the happy couple (gag) is going to start a family. Like, as in, they are going to have to have relations and get all impregnated and OH GOD NO.

Here's what an “insider” had to say (don't you love these insiders?):

E’Dena knows Morgan wants her and that is all that matters to her,” divulged an insider.
“Myrna (soon to be ex-wife) never gave Morgan children of his own,” said the close source. “E’Dena believes if she can give him a baby, she would win his heart forever. And if she can’t give him a child of their own, she wants to adopt.”
E’Dena’s youth is “very attractive” to the grandfatherly actor, according to the insider. “She uses her youth to her advantage. She knows it really feeds Morgan’s ego to have a young woman hanging all over him. E’Dena believes that getting pregnant would make sure she becomes the next Mrs. Morgan Freeman.”

Well, okay then. I know one person is jumping up and down in the air doing the whole fist-pump in victory thing:


And I'm sure this guy is doing a little boogie in celebration as well:


Tsk, tsk. I mean, I know that Morgan lives in Misssissippi, but this is a bit much even for THEM. Don't you know you're supposed to keep your hands off the kinder?

image Bauer Griffin