I Think We Can All Agree This Video Of Morgan Freeman On Helium Is Long Overdue

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I Think We Can All Agree This Video Of Morgan Freeman On Helium Is Long Overdue Morgan Freeman helium Through the Wormhole May 2014 jpg

At this point it’s pretty obvious that Morgan Freeman’s voice is now more famous than he is. In addition to narrating every documentary in existence (I could be wrong on that) and being one of the most popular celebrities to imitate, he’s also often asked to use his voice for silly things so us normal-sounding people can get a kick out of it. Like when he read Fifty Shades of Grey or recited the lyrics to “The Fox.” But I think we can all agree, whether we realized it or not, that we’ve been waiting far too long to listen to his voice on helium.

But we don’t have to wait any longer, thanks to Through the Wormhole on the Science Channel, which he hosts. In this 30-second clip from the show, which returns on June 4, Mr. Freeman takes a breath of helium from a balloon and proceeds to talk about strange and unexpected situations in science. And there’s really nothing more strange and unexpected than hearing Morgan Freeman’s iconic voice altered to make it high-pitched and squeaky. You can practically see in his eyes he’s thinking, “These normal-voiced people find the stupidest things amusing.”

Despite sounding slightly like a chipmunk, the weirdest part is that it’s still unmistakably Morgan Freeman. There’s still so much wisdom contained in all the silliness. Like, I still really want him to be my mentor and give me life advice. Even squeaky-voiced Morgan Freeman sounds more sage and trustworthy than other people when they have their normal voices. I wouldn’t be surprised if he used this technique in his next movie and won an Oscar for it. As long as he made sure to thank helium in his acceptance speech, I wouldn’t even argue with the Academy’s decision.