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Jenny is talking more about Angelina
Apparently Jenny is still talking about Brad and Angelina (I think because she is starting her own show and needs the publicity) – I am glad she is happy about their relationship!

Model/dancer Jenny Shimizu insists Brad Pitt is among the luckiest men alive – because he has snagged her ex-lover Angelina Jolie. Shimizu has been keen to keep her past romance with Jolie quiet in recent years but recently opened up to lesbian magazine Diva about her intense relationship with the Tomb Raider star. The former Calvin Klein model explains, “I don't want to sound like I hustle a**, but, for a while back then, if Angelina called, I'd drop everything and join her wherever she was in the world. “Angelina and I had a really wonderful relationship that lasted many years. I was dating her while she was seeing other people, she was that type of person; wonderful and open.”