Pixar Taps Into Our College Nostalgia With Monsters University’s First Trailer

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Confession time: I've never seen Monsters Inc. all the way through. I know! It's smart and was one of the early Pixar films after Toy Story, so its unusual setting and emotional stakes took people by surprise. I just never got around to watching it. (Read my friend's great take on the film, including how its release in 2001 unintentionally mirrored our nation's post-9/11 fears.) But now that the sequel Monsters University is coming out, I'm really excited!

Disney/Pixar released the first teaser today, which gives us a taste of what scary duo Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) were like before they teamed up. As in, they were rivals at Monsters University, where they learned all of their fine-tuned tricks for scaring the crap out of innocent little kids. It's a short teaser but really fun.

What's smart about these films is that the first one tapped into that very visceral, universal memory of being terrified of the monster in your closet. Now that they've demystified that, Pixar is mining another shared experience: College! And seeing as it's been ten years since the original, they've timed it well to grab those same viewers as they're in school or just graduated.

Monsters University comes out on June 21, 2013.