The 15 Funniest Tweets From The @ModernClueless Twitter Account

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Clueless Cher gum

Clueless is in constant competition with Mean Girls as the movie I quote the most. There are just so many classic lines and so much awesome '90s slang. Whenever someone says anything mean to me, I'm all, “That was way harsh, Tai.” Whenever I hear a Cranberries song, I lament the fact that Elton left his CD on the quad. And of course I reply to any ridiculous statement with “AS IF!”

I just happen to love parody Twitter accounts almost as much as I love Clueless, and now something exists which combines those two loves into one beautiful piece of Internet magic. That would be the @ModernClueless Twitter account. It's been brought to our attention by The Daily Mail, and it's pretty fantastic. You're going to love it even more than Christian loves Tony Curtis. The account, run by Ella Ceron and Jessica Blankenship, takes classic quotes from Clueless and reimagines them as modern quotes. I think a Clueless remake would be a travesty of epic proportions, but I enjoy imagining the script with a 21st century twist.

Check out fifteen of the account's best tweets below, and cross your fingers that we see many more examples, I hope not sporadically.

Let's start with something topical, shall we?

Spin responsibly, okay everybody?

Come on, Cher. It's like so obvious.

Modern Cher is my spirit animal.

Favoriting tweets really is the 21st century form of laughing, isn't it?

Curse you, pumpkin spice latte!

So this one doesn't necessarily make a whole lot of sense but I love it anyway.

Yeah, this one is pretty much perfect.

Autocorrect: The valet parking of the 21st century.

Twerk it out, Christian. Twerk it out.

You gotta try Gwyneth's diet.

My favorite part of this is that “disco-dancing” hasn't changed.


Duggar humor is always appreciated.

Things have really changed, haven't they?

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