Surprisingly, Jennifer Lawrence Wasn’t The Best Part Of Mockingjay

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Surprisingly  Jennifer Lawrence Wasn t The Best Part Of Mockingjay I am I will Jennifer Lawrence GIF Mockingjay gifIt’s out you guys. It’s finally out. I’m sure I don’t even have to tell you what movie I’m referring to, but for all those of you who haven’t been awaiting this moment for over a year, I’m talking about Mockingjay Part I, which came out today. Or last night at midnight if ya nasty.

And I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet BUT I HAVE TRA LA LA LA LA and I actually really liked it. Sure, nothing really happens once Katniss wakes up in District 13 after being rescued from the Arena, but oh well! It makes sense that it’d be boring, given that one fairly uneventful book was divided into two movies, but it’s a well done sort of boring, and gets you really well primed for Part II, which of course doesn’t come out until November 2015. GAH.

But in the meantime, go see the current one I guess? I don’t really know to recommend it to die-hard fans, because aside from the fact that you’re all going to see it anyway, it doesn’t have all the best parts of the previous Hunger Games movies, like Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson chemistry, or the excitement of the Games, or Katniss being a badass. Instead, we’re just holed up in District 13 the whole time, Katniss and Peeta are separated, and Katniss only fires one arrow the whole time. (One bonus is getting to look into the piercing blue eyes of Liam Hemsworth more than in the last one, so count that in the ‘pro’ column for sure.)

But as far as J-Law,  once she wakes up in 13 after being rescued from the Arena in Catching Fireshe spends most of the rest of the movie just flopping around feeling sorry for herself…which isn’t something that Jennifer Lawrence particularly excels at, unfortunately. She’s much better when she can rage against something; when she’s supposed to be depressed, she kind of just fades into the background. Which was effective, and almost certainly intentional, just a different sort of Hunger Games movie.

Which this very much is. I mostly because the best part of the movie is Julianne Moore and Philip Seymour Hoffman. With so little action, this movie had to fall back on something to keep it watchable, and in this case, that happened to be the solid, grounded acting of two serious powerhouses. Honestly, I’m as surprised as you are, given that this is a young adult movie and they aren’t young adults, but these two drove the show. And also broke my heart, naturally, because I still haven’t absorbed that we don’t have PSH in our lives anymore.

But we do have him in this film, at least, which is a good thing, because he and Julianne carry it. They take it on their backs and they carry it, just like the action did in the first movie, and Jennifer Lawrence did in the second one. I guess all that’s left to see is who carries the fourth and final one, which is exactly the kind of cliffhanger I was expecting to walk out of the theater with when I walked in.

Congratulations on taking an extra thirteen of my dollars, Francis Lawrence, and congratulations to PSH and Julianne Moore for actually earning them.

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