Mockingjay Is Currently Casting ‘Severely Thin’ Types — What Could Go Wrong?

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If I'm being honest, I really can't think of a different way to go about this, but I have a feeling that the casting agents for Mockingjay, the third and fourth films in the Hunger Games trilogy, are about to get themselves in some seriously hot water.

They just released their second casting notice for the movie, which they're calling ‘Untitled Trilogy Part 2' while it's in production, and they're advertising a need for skinny people. And not just regular skinny, guys — we're talking severely thin. That's their phrasing. Severely thin.

We are seeking men and women that are extremely thin. We need all ages, ethnicities and looks. Character faces and more…. 

Please put your ethnicity/gender/age in the subject box. Please have pictures that show the thin body type you have. The better the pictures the better your chances. This is where minimal make-up is wanted but the best is NO make-up at all. These people would not have the make-up piled on. We are really trying to sell this less fortunate look. Please at this time we are only need 18 and up. We will post for children soon.

Oh perfect! So there's still time for me to get my kid extra skinny before the casting call for children! That's a relief! I'm so glad they are only need eighteen-year olds and up at this time.

But seriously guys, this makes me kind of uncomfortable. Like I get that they do this kind of thing for body types all the time, but the fact that it's for basically malnourished people concerns me. And it's not like it's for a historical film like Schindler's List or something…it's for a young adult novel-turned-movie, aka it's guaranteed to be watched by a bunch of young people, some of whom might even turn up at that casting call.

And can you imagine being turned away from it? Like a twenty-something fan of the franchise failing to get a part in the movie because he or she isn't skinny enough? That's such a scary thought. Again, I can't mentally figure out any better way of doing this, because I know the kinds of scenes that they need malnourished people for, I just feel like it's a sketchy thing to ask. By searching for this type of body, publicizing that search, and then using it as one of the only arbiters of casting, aren't they kind of idealizing it? Or at least condoning it? I don't know. All I know is that I'm not down with it, and I imagine a lot of other people won't be either.