Screw Catching Fire, Let’s Talk Casting For Mockingjay

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Julianne Moore attending Tribeca Film Festival April 2013 for The English Teacher

Speculating about Catching Fire is so yesterday, y'know what I mean, guys? It's like, it comes out this year, on November 22nd, filming wrapped months and months ago, and Josh Hutcherson has already revealed that he felt little ‘stirrings' for Jennifer Lawrence during the kissing scenes, so what more could we possibly ask for? Liam Hemsworth to be shirtless in every scene? Yeah I mean okay, we might as well ask.

But instead of dwelling in the past, or…the only slightly distant future, let's dwell in the extra-distant future and talk about casting for Mockingjay! That's what all the cool kids are doing. The movie has been divided into two parts, the first of which comes out in November of 2013, and the second of which will be released in November of 2014. And guess who's likely gonna be in both? Julianne Moore, who is in talks to play Alma Coin! The non-spoiler explanation of that character (for those of you scrubs who didn't read The Hunger Games books obsessively like I did), is that she is ‘the manipulative politician who figures brightly in the finale as Katniss Everdeen becomes a symbol of rebellion against the autocratic Capitol government.' Ooh so fancy!

But if you have read the books, and won't be bothered by a few spoilers spoilers SPOILERS AHEAD, let me remind you of exactly who Alma is. She's the manipulative president of District 13, which up until this point everyone has been encouraged to believe was wiped out by the Capitol as punishment for its rebellion. But there are still people living there, governed by President Coin. She'll be a major catalyst in the third and fourth movie, but in the book's Katniss never fully trusts her.

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