Amy Poehler Endorses President Obama, Which Basically Counts As 100 Electoral Votes

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Is there anything in the world more fulfilling than a quality celebrity endorsement? Besides, of course, a quality celebrity nip slip during a live awards show. Based on this wonderful video of Amy Poehler endorsing President Obama, I have to say no. There's nothing more wonderful than seeing one of your favorite celebrities agree with you.

Because we all know that most great celebrity-normal friendships start out with a political endorsement. From there they move to setting a date for lunch, going spinning together and becoming legal blood sisters. I'm pretty sure that's actually the entire basis of J.K Rowling's new book, but I can't be completely positive if I read that somewhere or just dreamt it.

Anyway, Amy Poehler and Meredith Walker sat down for a very special episode of their show Smart Girls to let young woman know they're never too young to figure out what issues they care about. It's a wonderful message that they follow up by reminding people that if they can vote, they should vote for Obama.

Simple, sweet and to the point. That's the kind of 21-second woman-empowering endorsement I like to see on a Monday morning.

It's hard to believe a that week from now political Facebook statuses will be a thing of the past. That we'll no longer be able to defriend people based on their long-winded and incoherent political beliefs. And that we'll have to fight with our friends about even more sensitive issues, like why they find uploading candid photos of you in the midst of eating so funny.

So let's soak up the excitement of the next two days before all the fun ends and appreciate the fact that Amy Poehler agrees with us on something this important.

(Photo: LA Times)