Majorettes and Major Cheese: Miss America’s Funniest Talent Competition Pictures

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A majorette, a salsa dancer, an acrobat and a concert pianist walk into a bar.  Oh, you're not familiar with that old joke?  That's because it's not a joke, it was an actual scenario that played out at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas last night.  Yes, the Miss America lovelies are gearing up to perform live tonight for the Miss America pageant, and I happened to stumble across their rehearsal photos.  And boy am I glad I did.

How many baton twirlers does it take to win a pageant?  Well, based on these photos and everything I learned from Miss Congeniality, at least two!  And she is SERIOUS.  They all are.  It's amazing.  Look, I know this is a “scholarship program” for impossibly beautiful, impossibly smart young women.  I don't know about you, but when I was applying for scholarships and ways to further my education, I never had to break out my best cheerleading stunts or belt out a number from Madame Butterfly. 

Here are the cheesiest talent competition to get you pumped up for tonight's pageant and tomorrow's ridicule.  Bonus: if anyone guesses the correct amount of jazz shoes in this gallery, you get to be my new best friend.

(Lead Photo: Tumblr)