Mischa Dons A Waistcoat

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Sky Showbiz has all the dirt on a new fashion trend: waistcoats. It’s not the thick, puffy or furry kind. It’s those sexy and even masculine type that are really flying right now.

There isn’t a red carpet photocall these days without a cheeky armless jacket rocking up.

While it used to be true that you’re never properly dressed without a hat, now a waistcoat is all you need – or in the case of the gorgeous model/actress/party girl Padma Lakshmi preferably both.

Doing the waistcoat-with-nothing-underneath look is daring and not to be tried at home without some good quality tit-tape.

Mischa Barton is right on the scene, wearing waiscoats from hot designers such as Roberto Cavalli. Below is Mischa in a Cavalli waistcoat, a la cowgirl. Go Mischa!

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