Mischa blamed for end of The OC

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Well, this is not a very nice statement to be making. The National Post is reporting that former OC actor & director Tate Donocan is blaiming Mischa Barton & its young stars for the show's demise.

A former actor and director on The O.C. blames the series' decline on the swelled heads of its young stars.

"The kids became incredibly difficult to work with," Tate Donovan said Monday afternoon at a press conference in New York for his current series, the legal drama Damages.

He said the young leads "were unhappy" and added, "I think they all wanted movie careers and did not want to be on television, all four of them. They were, like, ‘This show is killing my career." While Donovan did not identify the four by name, presumably they are Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson and Benjamin McKenzie.

Fox cancelled The O.C. in February after a roller-coaster four-season run. Barton had left after Season Three to make movies, and was in Toronto last year to shoot the romance Closing the Ring with Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer. Ring is being released Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival.

I don't think it's a nice statement to be making about any co-worker, past or present, deserved or not. Every young actor has drive and ambition, and has the right to explore his or her potential as much as possible. It sounds to me like perhaps they were not getting the right support to do this, or to grow as actors. What a sad thing to happen.

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