Mischa Barton’s Interview In Heat Magazine

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Since the cancellation of Mischa Barton’s TV show The Beautiful Life, Mischa hasn’t talked very much to the media.

But now many questions fans have are answered in this cover story Mischa just did for the Dec. 5-11, 2009 issue of UK magazine Heat.

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On the magazine cover, Mischa is featured with the words “Mischa Barton: To hell and back: Her shocking true story.” The magazine also has two photos, the large one is a recent photo that shows Mischa looking beautiful and healthy. A smaller photo shows Mischa in one of her “thin” photos from her time spent in Paris during Paris Fashion Week. The words “From this to this” is placed by the photos.

The first inside page of her magazine spread is a full page photo of Mischa (looking really good). The third page is where the story starts and features an oversized quote from Mischa:

“When things get really bad sometimes it’s better to restart and build again.”

The interview, written by Lucie Cave with photos by Odessy Barbu, was done in New York. Mischa brought along her two beloved dogs, a Pomeranian called Ziggy Stardust and her beagle/spaniel mix named Charles Dickens.

The interview deals with Mischa’s hospitalization in July, the cancellation of The Beautiful Life, her image in the media, her weight, The OC, dating and her future career plans.

What made Mischa agree to be interviewed?

“I’ve always known the magazine and I felt I needed to set the story straight on some things. I don’t usually talk much about my private life, but since it’s already become people’s business… I wanted to clear up the misconceptions,” Mischa tells Heat.

About her hospitalization in July, Mischa said:

“It was horrifyingly stressful, but it all came from a place of stress,” Mischa said, saying she was getting migraines and had wisdom teeth surgery.

But Mischa said that all just led to her being in the hospital.

“I went back there because of my teeth and I ended up getting ‘put in,’ but that’s because I was so overwhelmingly stressed out and upset.

Mischa said the hospitalization was caused by the stress of a new job and traveling.

“Actresses aren’t given the time to recover after stuff like that — you’re expected to bounce back from surgery and work right away again. You’re not given the time to be human. It’s something that could have happened to anyone – going to the hospital and having a bad experience and then being held on a 5150 (involuntary psychiatric hold) – it happens to more people than you think….,” Mischa told Heat.

Mischa said that while at the time she was shocked, she now sees she is more relaxed.

“So then, when I went back to work, I was so much happier and more positive. I was sober by then and I had no pain,” Mischa told Heat.

Mischa said many assumed it was because she was on drugs, but it was just that she was going through a tough time.

When asked if she has had fair criticism in the media, Mischa has a good answer:

“I never think it’s fair criticism if it’s people just taking pictures of you and constantly trying to find the one bad one of the lot and then printing it. I don’t think that’s fair,” Mischa told Heat.

When Mischa finds herself on the cover of a gossip magazine she wonders what she has done now, saying she’s usually the last to know what she “did.”

“I’m really tough. I’ve grown up with enough bullshit. I don’t care what people say,” Mischa told Heat.

So, what coverage does Mischa like?

“I don’t mind when people say stuff about what I’m wearing,” Mischa told Heat.

About The Beautiful Life getting canceled, Mischa said the show wasn’t given a chance.

“I’m sure it would have found its audience because it was a great show and was really high fashion,” Mischa told Heat. “It takes a while for stuff to find a following.”

About dating Mischa says “I’m not even dating! I”m on the prowl, I suppose.” Mischa also says that while she has been heartbroken, she’s never been dumped.

“I’ve never been dumped. One tried to make it quite mutual, though, so that felt as close to dumping as I got and I kind of lost it and was like ‘You are not turning this on me! I dumped you first!’ I felt like my heart was broken at the end of a couple of relationships, but it wasn’t really,” Mischa told Heat.

As for her future, Mischa is hoping to find the perfect film for her.

My thoughts on the magazine’s cover story and photos? Awesome. This interview answers just about any question you would want to know if you interviewed her today — answering all of the big questions.

The magazine article also has a fun break-out box where Mischa comments on some of her outfits and criticisms she got for what she was wearing. I plan to do a special post for that part of the story with the photos.

What do you think about what Mischa said in this interview?

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