Mischa Barton having fling with Josh Hartnett?

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Mischa Barton has been romantically linked with actor Josh Hartnett. The couple, although arriving and leaving separately to Bungalow 8 in London, were said to have both arrived to Hartnett's hotel.

Josh HartnettMischa Barton
Image: used with permission by Newscom

You can see Mischa in the background of Josh's photo above

Gossip has it that the pair spent some time talking at Bungalow 8 before separately driving to Josh's hotel. Mischa is said to have stayed there for about an hour. The Daily Mail says that Mischa went out of her way to get Josh's attention that night. Dancing provocatively towards his table.

That said, Mischa is letting all this gossip just slide. She says she's enjoying being single:

“Regardless of who you're hanging out with and what you're doing, people will speculate and that is fine.”