Why Does Tumblr Hate Miranda Cosgrove So Much?

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Why Does Tumblr Hate Miranda Cosgrove So Much  wenn58397181 640x814 jpgMiranda Cosgrove just won Choice Inspiration at tonight’s Teen Choice Awards, probably because she’s going to college in the fall instead of rehab, and somehow this is a bad thing. According to Tumblr, you’d think Miranda had stolen the surfboard out from under Miley Cyrus‘ nose, but no, it seems she was singled out for this honor. But that’s enough to stop Tumblr users from sneering at her for being “awkward” and “hideous.” Her tags page is a depressing sight, littered with mocking and downright mean posts.

Whose cornflakes did Miranda shit in? Because I’ve seen absolutely nothing — neither during the TCAs nor in Hollywood — to prove that Miranda is somehow worthy of our ire. But get a load of these insults:

tomoyouarebootyful: reALLY

twistinmyst0ry: We have to admit that Miranda Cosgrove does help us…
When we’re feeling down all we have to do is look at a picture of her.
So thanks, Miranda Cosgrove, you deserve this award.

bloomingandtenderness: And also Michael Jackson‘s doppleganger.

That’s uncalled for! From what I can glean, these kids don’t respect Miranda because her last feature film was School of Rock (also her debut) in 2003. Never mind that she’s held down a starring role on Nickelodeon’s iCarly for the past five years without having to abruptly leave like Jamie-Lynn Spears (for getting knocked up) or Demi Lovato (for winding up in rehab). No, apparently having a smooth career makes her awkward and hideous.

And honestly, when Flo Rida was performing and the camera panned over to Miranda, and she was singing along? I’d call that the most genuine moment of a mostly awkward awards show. But then someone on Tumblr turned that screenshot into this:

Why Does Tumblr Hate Miranda Cosgrove So Much  miranda jpg

I don’t understand kids these days. Still, she’s got over 2 million Twitter followers, so she’s doing something OK for herself. And now some Tumblr users have come to her defense, including this heartfelt defense from one user. What is wrong with us that we can’t celebrate an actress who’s got a successful career, even if it is just on TV? It’s not like anyone’s calling for Nina Dobrev to get an Oscar nomination after she had a cameo in The Roommate.

Congratulations, Miranda! We’re psyched for you, and yes, we’d consider you an inspiration.

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