Minka Kelly And Mandy Moore Had A ‘Chicks Over Dicks’ Passover Seder Despite Both Being Romantically Linked To Wilmer Valderrama

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Minka Kelly Mandy Moore Passover Seder Wilmer Valderrama photoHow refreshing: Instead of hearing about another Hollywood catfight over some male celeb who will turn out to be more sleazy than smooth anyway, here's this sweet photo of former Charlie's Angels star Minka Kelly celebrating Passover with singer/actress Mandy Moore. We figured the two ran in far too different social circles to actually be friends, especially since their one social connection is that they've both dated Wilmer Valderrama. (Not that Minka's confirmed it, but we've seen the photos of her and the Awake star strolling along arm-in-arm, which is enough for us.)

Obviously Wilmer doesn't rate high enough to dent the friendship between Minka and Mandy, who were all smiles at the Seder-slash-Mandy's-28th-birthday. Of course, it wasn't a girls-only affair; Mandy's husband Ryan Adams was there, too. Aside from the photo that their mutual girlfriend posted, Mandy also tweeted, @minkakelly @rp1313 you guys are THE BEST!! i'm still reeling from such a fun evening 🙂 A tweet that's genuinely grateful and not passive-aggressive? It's a Passover miracle.