Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester Have Another Thing in Common: Screw-Up Moms!

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There were scenes in The Roommate where I actually had trouble distinguishing Minka Kelly from her stalker roommate Leighton Meester; the resemblance really is uncanny. But who knew that these similar-looking brunettes have more in common than just good looks? That's right — both had to deal with absent, fuck-up mothers.

Charlie's Angels star Minka tells Cosmo how her mom's choice to be a stripper shaped Minka's childhood: Her dad wanted to “try the family thing,” but her mom was “too busy having fun,” which kicked him of their lives. Her mother sounds like the kind of irresponsible, directionless character you might read about in darker YA lit: She'd wake Minka up when she came home from the club in the middle of the night, and drag her to the supermarket.

She'd also pressure her daughter to skip school so they could do “fun” mother-daughter bonding like buying shoes at Payless on Fridays: “She would want me to skip school. ‘Let's go spend some money!' I was like: ‘No, Mum, I've gotta go to school.'”

We hear about this weird am-I-your-friend-or-your-mom relationship in shows like Gilmore Girls, but we couldn't imagine living it. “I didn't know how to appreciate what good friends we were,” Minka said, “because I just wanted her to be my mum.”

Then again, Minka and her mom were able to reconcile; unfortunately, it was the latter's colon cancer and death three years ago that did it. Then you have Minka's one-time co-star Leighton Meester, whose problems with her mother Constance Meester are ongoing and embarrassingly public. TMZ has documented the flurry of lawsuits and accusations hurled back-and-forth between them: Leighton attacked Constance with a bottle; Constance took the money Leighton sent (from Gossip Girl and other gigs) for her brother and instead used it for Botox and plastic surgery.

And of course, there's the detail that emerged early in Leighton's career, that she admirably got over but which we'll never forget: She was basically born in jail, where her mother was serving time for smuggling weed from Jamaica to the U.S.

Hey, at least it makes for good afterparty icebreakers. She and Minka should team up to tell embarrassing anecdotes — they'll kill.