17 Life-Changing Mindy Lahiri Quotes That Deserve to be Framed

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Anyone who has seen The Mindy Project would agree that Dr. Mindy Lahiri is one of the best female protagonists on TV. She's an adult fangirl, she has a love affair with junk food, she's unapologetically honest, and she can come up with clever pop culture references like it's nobody's business. She also has her impulsive moments when life throws lemons her way, but at least she knows how to channel her inner warrior, aka Beyoncé Pad Thai, and turn them into lemonade.

We adore Mindy because we can always see bits of ourselves in her, whether she's freaking out over drama at work or dealing with the most awkward date ever. We also love that she's comfortable enough in her skin to own up to her flaws and just be silly. But best of all, we love it when she shares her unfiltered thoughts and words of wisdom.

If you ask us, some of her sayings are so powerful that they ought to be framed. And so of course, we did the honors by selecting some of her best quotes and actually framing them:

1. “It is so weird being my own role model. I recommend it.”

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When she said this in season one, she was referring to the fact that she was in a really good place and that she felt happy because she'd come so far. We all have these moments. But seeing ourselves as our own role models can feel kind of weird because we live in a world where we're encouraged to look up to (and emulate) other successful people. Kudos to Mindy for reminding us that we all should be proud of our own accomplishments and consider ourselves the role models for once.