Mindy Kaling’s Mom Died The Same Day Her Show Got Picked Up By Fox

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We already knew Mindy Kaling cried in the airport when her show The Mindy Project got picked up by Fox, but now there's a new dimension to the story. In a new interview with New York Magazine, she opens up about her mom's battle with pancreatic cancer, which sadly ended the same day her show got picked up by Fox:

“And when my mom passed away and my dad was like, ‘Can you tell everybody?’ I went to get my phone, which I had not looked at for, like, 36 hours, and it was filled with e-mails and phone calls,” she says. “And I thought, How do people already know about my mom? But it was about the pilot, because the news had already gone out while I had been in this cocoon of this hospital with my family. It was the weirdest thing.”

It seems profoundly unfair that Mindy's mom didn't get to see her meteoric rise to success kick into high gear, a fact that would haunt pretty much anyone. It's understandable, then, that Mindy has yet to fully engage with this insane string of occurrences:

“I like to move forward … I don’t know how much it would help for me to think about things too much. It just seems so fucking unfair. So I get on my elliptical machine and listen to some Rihanna and try to forget about this bullshit.”

Maybe she'll have time to grieve when she's not busy working on a TV show with insanely high expectations set up for it. She also reveals that her mom, an OBGYN, was partially the inspiration for her OBGYN character. (Mindy thinks she'd “crush it” as an OBGYN, as confidence she seems to have gotten at least partly from her mom.) We here at Crushable wish her nothing but the best.

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