Mindy Kaling Casts Hot Actors Just So She Can Make Out With Them

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With every interview Mindy Kaling does, I find more reasons to love her. Last night she popped onto Conan to chat about how fun it is to have her own sitcom, The Mindy Project. We've already celebrated how she created the show and stars on it, so she and Conan O'Brien jumped to the good stuff—namely, how she gets to make out with hot guys.

It's yet another way that playing Dr. Mindy Lahiri is a huge departure from Kelly Kapoor: “On The Office I had to kiss people and things like that,” Mindy said, “but on this show, there's full-on, rolling-around, making-out. And so, I get to cast those people.” She adorably shares the “rules” of TV kissing that she's learned over the years, with two very different commandments that made us laugh. First off, she's had to learn not to say “I love you” while doing the aforementioned rolling-around scenes, 'cause apparently that's an instinct she has. (She makes a good point, that there's a distinction between kissing and sex scenes.)

But by the same token, she has to be careful not to get carried away and slip the guy some tongue without thinking. I hadn't thought about that, but that does seem to be pretty verboten on the TV. I love how she and Andy Richter completely bond over accidental tongue slips. But here's another way that Mindy's life has changed since we last saw her making out with B.J. Novak or Craig Robinson: Now she's coming from an awkward position of power. “When I do it on the show now, it's like the worst kind of sexual harassment, 'cause I'm the boss,” she told the guys. “So you can't complain — they're scared to complain — 'cause I'll fire them.”

Of course, now I want to know who Mindy is rolling around with! As of last week's “Halloween” episode, Mindy was tentatively entering a romance with kinda-douchey sports lawyer Josh (Tommy Dewey) after the two charmed each other with their quirky costumes. But that's not to say Mindy won't still have moments of weakness with her fellow doctor, man-whore Jeremy (Ed Weeks). But my heart still beats for Mindy and Danny (Chris Messina) to finally realize they like each other. And with next week's episode called “Danny Castellano Is My Gynecologist” — where she and Danny play chicken to see which of them will back out of the uncomfortable idea of him examining her — I'm excited to see the tension between them ratchet up. With Messina, I'd understand if Mindy had another accidental tongue slip.