Mindy Kaling Admits She Likes When People Like Her — Jury Still Out On Unicorns And Rainbows

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Mindy Kaling is one of those celebrities who actually is just like us. She has insecurities, wears Spanx to events, and really just wants people to like her. The difference — and what makes Mindy way cooler than the average celebrity — is that she actually admits it. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to tune into The Mindy Project or to listen to her talk and realize that, like me, she doesn't feel like she necessarily has her shit together. Don't get me wrong — she is epically hilarious and talented and wonderful and I wish I had her life — but isn't it awesome that she admits she actually had to work for that life, instead of pretending that it just dropped into her lap because she “got really lucky”? I feel like so many celebrities try to play it off like things just come naturally to them. They just “fell into” doing movies and they're “naturally skinny” even though they supposedly binge on junk food and their boyfriends “just worship them” even though they don't know why. And don't bother complimenting them, because they're so super-humble that it just rolls off their back like Evian.

Well eff that ess, guys. If I were a celebrity, I'd be like, “Yeah bitch! I work out constantly! That's why my body looks like this! It's pretty miserable so I hope you like it! Also, I got here by being broke for ten years, so let's give me some respect and compliments please.” Which is how a normal human should act. Which is great because it's also how Mindy acts. And I love it. She gave the opening statements at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Annual Women In Entertainment breakfast, and she said the following about the event's honoree, Diane Keaton:

“[Praising her] is enjoyable because she is so self-deprecating. She literally invented the art of gracefully deflecting praise. I could learn something from her. I love hearing [praise]. I love calling my dad and reliving it for him. I love reliving it to myself in the car on the way back from something, listening to hip-hop music and just thinking. I even like it when the praise is only halfway. Like, ‘Isn't it refreshing to see an unconventionally attractive, chubby woman of color running a television show?'”

I love her. So much. She's so self-aware and open and wonderful and I just want to hang out with her. Can someone tell her that I'm super good at giving praise? Here, look! “What a nice coat. I admire your coat. Where did you get your coat, Mindy, as it is very nice and good.” Just…someone just tell her.

(Image: RevolutionPix / Pacific Coast News)