Mindy Kaling’s Reason For Not Liking One Night Stands Proves That She Is The Universe’s Spirit Animal

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Mindy Kaling s Reason For Not Liking One Night Stands Proves That She Is The Universe s Spirit Animal mindy kaling gif

How are you feeling today? A little down? A little confused? Were you looking for something to restore your faith in the universe? How about listening to Mindy Kaling explain her reasons for not liking one night stands? That always cheers me up!

She recently went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and, in accordance with Ellen DeGeneres magical ability to make every celebrity more comfortable than is probably appropriate for national television, starting chatting about her like they were at a boozy brunch on a bright Sunday morning (unrelated note: I can’t wait for Spring). She talks about her experience of trying to be fancy at the Vanity Fair Oscars party (spoiler alert: she does what anyone would do and takes all of the free things) and spills some details on some major plot points on The Mindy Project (I’m talking “major” as in I’m so behind that I basically spoiled the entire second half of the season for myself, so THANKS, MINDY). Then, thanks to the magic of video editing, she jumps right into the messy world of dating, which, as we know, isn’t always the most important thing to Mindy since she’s career-focused and the embodiment of female perfection.

She explains, after she reveals to Ellen that, yes, she’s a mid-thirties, gorgeous, hilarious lady, so of course she’s dating (my words, not hers), that the main problem she encounters is that her dates expect her to be as wild as her character on the show. In reality, though, she’s just not the crazy one-night-stand type of girl, which I totally respect. I mean, to each her own, and she shouldn’t feel forced to do anything she doesn’t want to do just because of other peoples’ expectations. I’ll let you listen to her explanation for yourself, but suffice it to say that her reasons for wanting to go home at the end of the night are so normal and amazing that I’m nominating her for the role of Official Spirit Animal Of The Universe. Voting ends tonight at 11pm, because that’s when I’ll be going to sleep.

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