Mindy Kaling’s Second Book Is Coming, And I’m Internally And Externally Freaking Out

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mindyGuys, I can't even waste time being witty or snarky this morning because I have the best news ever: Mindy Kaling‘s second book has a cover and a release date! And that's not all: With that cover and release date came more information about the book! As a borderline-obsessive Mindy fan, this equates to learning that I have actually been Kate Middleton all this time and that chicken nuggets have the same nutritional value as celery sticks. So, like, you know, it's pretty freakin' awesome information.

She announced the book's impending arrival on Twitter yesterday, at which point I got so excited that I actually exhausted myself and had to take a short nap:

As the tweet suggests, the book, Why Not Me?, will come out on September 29, and according to Mindy's website, it appears that it will be another collection of essays that picks up right where Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)aka my Bible, left off. To give you an idea of the ‘tude of the book, here's just a tiny excerpt from one of the essays, “Player,” about a famous lady friend who apparently dumped her:

“I had been replaced by a younger model. And now they had matching bangs.”

If this is not about Taylor Swift and her gotdam A-team, then I don't know anything anymore.

ANYWHO, I'm officially counting down the days until Why Not Me comes out, so if you'd care to join me, just let me know! I'll be the girl in the corner marathoning The Mindy Project and shoveling chicken wings into my mouth with a small garden shovel. As is my God-given right.


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