Everything You Need To Know About Mindy Kaling’s New Show Mindy

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Earlier this year, we heard word from powerful TV executives at Fox that Mindy Kaling would be writing, producing and starring in her own 30 minute sitcom. And today we learned that the show will be called Mindy.

After reading her book last year and starting to follow her on Twitter, it's safe to say I have a girl crush on her. She's smart, talented, funny and if her book isn't completely made-up, actually normal. In fact, I'm almost sure we'd be real life friends if we ever had the chance to meet.

I've watched her develop and grow  as Kelly Kapoor on The Office (in the show's glory days, obvi) and I'm excited to see her leave that show and move on to something even more exciting.

So what do you need to know about her show? Just the basics for right now:

1. Mindy (who will presumably be named Mindy in the show) will play an Ob-Gyn struggling to figure out her personal and professional life.

2. Ed Helms, Mindy's co-star on The Office, will play a Wall Street analyst who goes out on a blind date with Mindy in the first episode. Bill Hader, from Saturday Night Live, will play Mindy's ex-boyfriend. Obviously we hope he plays it like Stefon, but we can only pray for that. No guarantees.

3. At some point in the pilot, she will run barefoot through NYC traffic wearing a sparkly blue dress.

4. If the show gets picked up for the season Mindy will leave The Office. And considering how many other people are possibly leaving the show next season, there's a chance it could end this year.

So are YOU as excited to watch this show as we are?