Mindy Kaling Cried In The Airport When She Found Out Her Show Had Been Picked Up

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How do I love Mindy Kaling? I'd count the ways, but I don't have time right now, so I will focus on one particular way. She reacts to her superhuman accomplishments the same way any regular person would: by bursting into tears while attempting to board a plane.

Mindy kept a diary for Vulture during Fox's “upfronts,” the shadowy proceedings that decide which shows get picked up for the upcoming season. When she heard the good news, she was in the airport waiting to board a plane to fly back to New York from her parents' house in Boston, and this happened:

7:15 p.m.
At Logan Aiport, and as my flight is boarding, [Fox's] Kevin Reilly calls. It is good news. I immediately burst into tears. The people at the terminal counter think my boyfriend has just broken up with me over the phone, but I don’t care. I love Kevin so much.

7:20 p.m.
Call my Dad. I start crying again. The airline people at the gate now think I am going through something super awful. The plane really needs me to board now.

I love it that we've come to a point in our pop cultural evolution where “girly” is not synonymous with “weak” or “stupid;” Mindy Kaling can admit to crying in the airport over her kick ass accomplishments before going out to kick yet more ass. In fact, I'd argue much of her strength actually comes from this vulnerability. It's hard to write human characters if you forget what it's like to be human, and part of Mindy's appeal lies in the fact that she's able to capture the weirdness and awkwardness of everyday life, even as she's writing for larger-than-life TV shows.

I also love it that she enjoys watching Chris Evans movies and attempts to celebrate her victory with an Egg McMuffin. Really, the whole thing is pretty great and worth reading.

(Via Vulture)