Mindy Kaling Will Be In At Least Two Episodes Of The Office’s Next Season

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Mindy Kaling Will Be In At Least Two Episodes Of The Office s Next Season mindykaling 640x943 jpg

Fans of Kelly Kapoor, rejoice! While most people assumed that The Office‘s resident drama addict would disappear next season to work on her new show The Mindy Project, it’s just been revealed that Mindy will return for at least two episodes of the show’s next, and hopefully final, season. (Seriously, as someone who liked it longer than most, I think it’s time to put this show out of its misery.) This means we are guaranteed at least one more reference to chick flicks, one more attempt on the part of Jim and Pam to help her, and one more hilariously melodramatic Ryan and Kelly blow out. Hooray!

It has yet to be revealed whether these episodes will be used to write Kelly off the show…but if The Office is, in fact, ending soon, or even if it isn’t, it would make sense to give Kelly a satisfying exit. As the center of many of the show’s increasingly rare LOL moments, she deserves at least that much. Will she finally realize Ryan’s no good for her and ride off into the sunset with Sexy Doctor Man? Unlikely! But I’m tentatively optimistic that whatever happens instead will be entertaining.

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