Mindy Kaling Admits Her Relationship With BJ Novak Is ‘Weird’, Talks About Undressing On Set

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Last night, Mindy Kaling stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about a variety of topics in connection with her show The Mindy Project. As usual, she was funny and charming! And as an added bonus, she was refreshingly candid about a question a lot of people are probably curious about: her relationship with BJ Novak.

This happened when Jimmy asked a question about BJ's guest character on The Mindy Project: “On the show he's got a friend who's a girl, who's not really his girlfriend, who's his friend but seems like his girlfriend. Is that based on your relationship with him?”

Mindy's response? “A little bit. We're best friends, which is weird to a lot of people. It even seems weird to us sometimes. We wrote an episode about our friendship getting in the way of dating other people.”

“It doesn't throw everything into turmoil?” Jimmy pressed.

“No, it's really weird. Even we think it's weird. But you're friends with who you're friends with.”

This seems like a very reasonable answer! I'm not going to pretend I understand how someone can just keep on being friends with their ex after they break up, but I imagine it would be…well, weird. But apparently, it's worth it to them, which is nice.

She also talked about the dangers of changing from her writing clothes to her acting clothes on set.

“At the office when people saw me in my Spanx or whatever, I was just a creep. But I could be sued now at my new job. I can't take off my clothes in front of people because they could sue me for millions of dollars.” Because she is the boss. Is this true, though? I suggest she have a chat with Lena “no pants ever” Dunham about it.

Here's the part of the interview where she talks about that (plus about how hot/not hot she was at age 12):

And here's the first part where she explains her name a la Zooey Deschanel (watch these in reverse order if you like):

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